Latest News • Ellen Page and Allison Janney to Star in Comedy-Drama Tallulah

Academy Award nominee Ellen Page (Juno, Inception) and Emmy winner Allison Janney (Spy, “Mom”) have signed on to star in the dramatic comedy Tallulah, with Sian Heder (“Orange Is the New Black”) having written the screenplay and directing the film.

Tallulah tells the story of a free-spirited young urban adventurer who rescues a baby girl from her spoiled and reckless mom. Page stars as Tallulah or “Lu” who quickly learns that the rest of the world thinks she kidnapped the child. She passes the baby off as her own with the mother of her ex-boyfriend, Margo, a middle-aged divorcé played by Janney. By the time the baby is returned to her rightful owner, all three women will forge an unbreakable bond of motherhood.

“We believe in emotionally charged stories with universal themes,” said Route One’s CEO Russell Levine. “This project has award-winning talent teamed up with a gifted young writer/director who wrote a brilliant script. Ellen Page and Allison Janney will give this film the nuanced comedic and dramatic strength it needs and we’re thrilled to move this project forward.”


Colleen   May 21, 2015

They say good things come to those who wait. So, it only follows that lesbian and bisexual audiences are expecting very good things from “Freeheld” after almost seven long years for the film to come to fruition.

The movie has been a passion project for its star, Ellen Page, since 2008. Late last week it was announced that the film would finally be released in limited release on October 2 and go wider on October 16. The feature is based on the Oscar-winning short documentary of the same name by Cynthia Wade about a real-life lesbian couple fighting to have one of the partner’s pension benefits transferred to the other.

“Freeheld” stars newly minted Academy Award winner Julianne Moore as New Jersey police detective Laurel Hester, with Page as her domestic partner, car mechanic Stacie Andree. When Hester becomes terminally ill with cancer, the pair petition the police department and then the county government (called freeholders — hence the movie’s title) to have her benefits transferred to Andree.


Colleen   May 10, 2015

Thanks to Claudia we’ve got scans from the most recent Vogue.

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Colleen   Mar 29, 2015

I’ve added to the Ellen pages Gallery with the first poster from FreeHeld.

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Colleen   Mar 14, 2015

Colleen   Feb 25, 2015