How to Fluff a Memory Foam Pillow in the Dryer

How to fluff a memory foam pillow in the dryer? That’s right, these types of pillows come pre-folded and ready to go into the dryer, so here are a few tips on how to fluff them to achieve a high level of comfort.

Your mattress should have been dry-cleaned before washing in order to give it a nice clean appearance. If not, you should use a small piece of tinfoil or a newspaper to blot up the dirt from the surface before putting the pillows in the dryer.

The smallest dimension of the pillow should be put between your head and the bottom. The soft, pillow-like material should rest right on your head, without any fluffiness at all.

Once that’s done, slide the pillow between your head and the sheet. It should barely touch your head, which will help keep the pillow in place as it is folded. Fluffing the pillow will give it the appearance of being canted in some ways, which will give you some added comfort.

When it comes time to fold the pillow, it should be carefully done, especially if it’s one that has a bottom. Press down a little bit on the top layer to ensure that the bottom isn’t folded up the wrong way, which can damage the bottom part of the pillow.

Place the pillow in the dryer and then turn it on. The pillow should heat up quickly as it moves through the dryer, but once it’s caught fire, it should fall over because of gravity and then snap back into its place.

The best way to know how to fluff a memory foam pillow in the dryer is to try it out. Before trying, make sure to take it out of the dryer first, and then give it a test run to make sure it goes back into the dryer and isn’t damaged.

Make sure to fold it first in half and put it on your head, so that you know how well it fits. You don’t want to just throw it in and expect the same thing, do you?

Once you’re sure that it fits properly, then you should wrap it in an elastic band to prevent it from getting twisted or binding itself in the wrong direction. This is important when fluffing your pillow in the dryer, because sometimes the wrong way around can do damage to the pillow, while the right way does not.

Once that’s done, you can take the pillow out of the dryer and try to flatten it out with your hands. It should still feel soft, and it should lay flat against your head and not be too canted toward the back or the side.

Once you’re certain that the pillow is in the right shape, simply fold it up and place it in a piece of tissue. Try to press down the folds to make sure they are even, and use the elastic band to pin the pillow securely in place.

Then, just let it dry naturally until it is no longer damp and then give it a shake to make sure it’s good to go. If it starts to stiffen up, then it needs to be washed out and ironed again.

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