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Top 11 Best Soil For Money Plant Of 2024

Gretchen Rubin
  Apr 14, 2024 5:27 AM

Owners of the "money tree," also referred to as the "pachira aquatica," are said to be blessed with a wealth of financial success. However, despite its tropical roots, this plant may thrive in any home environment thanks to its low-maintenance requirements. In order to grow properly, it only requires the optimum amount of sunlight, water, and soil. Money plants grow in a well-draining soil with either a neutral or slightly acidic pH level, so choosing the right soil is essential.

Many potting soils are available, and it might be difficult for customers to choose the best one for their needs. The following suggestions for the best soil for money tree gardeners were chosen for their excellent formulations, adaptability, and affordability in order to simplify the search process. Find out what to look for in a soil for money trees, and then check out some of the greatest options on the market today.

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The roots of money trees are best kept moist but not wet because they are adapted to a tropical climate with high humidity levels. When the soil is overly damp, it might lead to root rot in the plant.

Choosing a well-draining soil that is loose but rich can help you attain the ideal degree of moisture. Generally speaking, sandy and peat-based soils are considered well-draining. To avoid under-watering, the soil must be able to retain some moisture. A money tree plant needs a container with a drainage hole in addition to the correct soil.

Nutrients and pH Level

Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium are the three most important macronutrients for houseplants (K). These three nutrients are commonly listed in commercial soil and fertilizers as an NPK ratio.

It is best for money trees to grow in soil with a neutral or slightly acidic pH. The roots of plants can more quickly absorb nutrients when the soil is acidic. A pH range of 6.0 to 7.5 is good for a money tree.


The finest soil for money trees often comprises elements such as perlite, sand, or horticultural charcoal, all of which aid in drainage, which is a requirement when planting a tree in a pot.

Soil that contains peat moss or sphagnum moss will be slightly acidic. Because some mosses are not considered sustainable, some gardeners prefer soils containing coconut fiber, which accomplishes the same result but is more environmentally friendly.

Some of the best houseplant soils already contain organic fertilizers in addition to their drainage capabilities. When using compost, manure, or worm castings, gardeners need to apply fertilizer less regularly because of their high nitrogen content.

The base of the soil

There's a common misconception that organic soil is better for your money tree, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

In order to cultivate a money tree in a soil that does not include peat moss, the first thing you should look for is a soil mix that includes peat moss.

In general, peat moss-based soils are ideal for the money tree, but alternative options should be thoroughly examined before purchasing.


Those potting mixes that include fertilizer in their ingredients list are the best bet for most money trees, as they need it to thrive.


If you use them, your plant will flourish and you won't have to keep reapplying them every few weeks or so.


How often to water Chinese money plants?

On the other hand, how frequently you need water a Pilea peperomioides depends on a number of factors, including how dry your home is and what kind of potting soil you use. Terracotta pots, as previously indicated, dry up rapidly, necessitating more frequent watering to maintain hydrated soil. Same thing if you place your plant in an area that is hot or near a heating vent. The best way to water your Chinese money plant is to feel how heavy the pot is just after you've done so fully, rather than scheduling it. Take a look at how much lighter it becomes by picking up the pot every two or three days after that. As soon as the container is noticeably lighter, it's time to water your plants.

How to water a pancake plant?

There isn't a single optimum way to water a Pilea plant, but there are multiple bad ways to do it. Keep the plant from sitting in water, but don't water it too lightly. Soil should be rinsed out of the pot by running water through it until at least 20% of water is drained out from its bottom hole. This aids in the removal of surplus fertilizer salts and prevents salt burn on the tips of the leaves. Depending on your home's conditions, your Pilea may need more or less watering than I need to maintain adequate soil moisture. The best way to tell if a pot is heavy enough is to stick your finger into the dirt and "feel" it. Overwatering or underwatering might result in yellowing foliage.

De-chlorinated tap water is the best choice for watering houseplants. This can be accomplished by leaving an open pitcher of water on the counter for 24 hours, rather than purchasing expensive de-chlorination tablets. As long as you have a rain barrel, you can also use rainwater to water your plants.

Pilea peperomiodes plants prefer high humidity to regular watering. Using a humidity tray like this one beneath the plant's pot can help keep the plant's environment more damp, especially in dry locations and residences.

Are coffee grounds good for money trees?

Gardeners should use caution while fertilizing money trees with coffee grounds because they are wet. As a result, the soil may get overly wet.

Is Epsom salt good for money trees?

Magnesium and sulfur, two essential micronutrients for money plants, are found in Epsom salts.

How often should I switch soil for my money tree plant?

Only every two to three years are money trees replanted. Spring and summer are the best times to replenish their soil by diluting a balanced water-soluble fertilizer once a month with half-strength water.

Can I use cactus soil for money tree plants?

Cactus soil is suitable for the planting of money trees. It's a wonderful substitute for making your own money tree plant potting mix because it's well-draining. Dried peat moss should be included in the recipe you choose.


Our goal in writing this essay was to provide as many options for potting soil for your money tree plant as possible. The health of a money tree is mostly dependent on the quality of its soil, thus it's important to keep it well-aerated and moist.

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